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Hey people !

You probably all wonder where I am hiding. Well, I might not post that often any more, here on LJ, but I won’t forget you, my Frolijah Friends, I have been stuck, clueless, listless for a while, and now I hope that with the right support, I’m gonna get on the right track again :)

A few weeks ago, I had this very good conversation with my adviser, we had to discuss this sudden change, why did I wanted to follow a course webdesign, there was a mainer, deeper reason, and she just told me right away, I just wanted to postpone the fact of actually “starting” to work, and I knew she was right, it was actually the fear inside, that would keep me back from taking the plunge. The insecurity, the doubt, the resistance, the lack of motivation. I told her I read on the Add forum, many people did something in the webdesign field but her reply was immediately like, ah ah, don’t get too much influenced by them,  it doesn’t mean because they’re Add and they manage to do such stuff, you, are capable too. You got to know yourself first, what can willemijn do, is she creative, is she capable, or is it just an aim too high. I knew I had been kinda unrealistic maybe, but still she knew I could do at least something else, in the broad “multimedia” branch, because I told her I had been having this interest in Photoshop and working with pictures, colours, backgrounds and all. She showed me other pages, of graphic jobs, like publicity folders, and other printing works. Now, I am supposed to follow a more intensive & supportive job training, an orientation training course, to get to now myself and my work capacities better, also I have to seek another female psychologist, because the man I used to be in therapy with is making me very uncomfortable, he’s a mean mister mustard, each time im in his office I can’t wait for getting out there, in the fresh air, again. The communication and feedback really sucks :( They gonna follow me up,(the OTB) which is a more specified, supporting area of the VDAB (known as Flemish service for work provision) it will be a greater support to get me on the right track again. I feel like everything is gonna turn out okay, that I’ll find my way in life, the year 2009 is gonna be so much luckier for me :) First I need this attest of my psych, which has a mention of me having ADD and difficulties to find my way in the job market, soo the OTB needs that to get their therapy started, and then, to get me join training, internships, and integration on the work floors. Soo that ill get over my initial hesitation and find my right vibe again in job land. Seems, like I talked really much (I was in her office an hour) and fast cuz the woman said, “whow you’re quite a tiring chat”, but she said it on a joking way :P and she also noticed my “restless” behaviour while talking, and she said are u sure you’re ADD and not ADHD? :P I said, well mainly I am ADD, because there are some specific differences u should be aware of, I also showed her this article of Wikipedia, we get along better then in the beginning, because she seemed severe and all, she is straight and always gets to the point, but I know she has a kind and understanding nature, she’s no psych, but she wants the best for me.

BTW: I know Christmastime is approaching, slowly but steady, and I’d still love to send/ receive those beautiful personalized, or shud I say “elijahlized” cards :P to/ from you. I’ve still got most of your addresses… I guess, but I’m not sure, after all this girl dares to get her stuff lost sometimes *oops*:$

And hey it has been SNOWING today :D with a temperature of 4-5°

Seems like King Winter has made his entrance here in Belgium.

I hope you’re doing all fine out there!

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Chilly Greetzzz


Miss Wispy




Werchter Boutique yesterday: article :)

Hi all  (whow my voice sounds hoarse now, wonder how that comes 0_0)

Soo yesterday i went to the festival and it was awesome :p Zornik, TOKIO HOTELand Santana rocked! Here's a report from my local Newspaper, I used google translator, being too lazy and tired *lol*

But I'll post some more pics later, me and my friend had a great  time there, HELL YEAH !!!!

So on with the article ... 

Starting with the SEXY STARS of the Fest of course ;p

Teenagers scream for Tokio Hotel
Familyfestival takes successful launch

NA - Punishment. Werchter Boutique succeeded yesterday in order after an edition with thick letters in the festival to nestle. Waanzin Hotel in Tokyo, when Doe But nostalgia. But the latest festival is mainly a familyhappening. Welcome to the largest-musical-picnic of Belgium.

The afternoon was for the kids. The evening was for dad's and mom's. Actually, it turned yesterday but a band: Tokyo Hotel, the group around the German brothers Kaulitz. They would all go about their height and the hysteria over. Werchter Boutique yesterday proved the contrary. Rarely - never actually - as far screams heard in a festival.

Zornik, the group around Limburger Koen Buyse, had even already deposited. "Even eight songs and sounded ...', it. Screams. Again. When the roadies of Tokio Hotel ready made the podium were the thousands of girls in the first rows game. A drums or guitar heroes of the show was already enough. A suit fans had to be removed. But fortunately there was fresh water out and the damage remained limited.

Tokio Hotel took the meadow in trouble. One problem: when all those kids were still eight hours remain awake for the music of mam and dad. It is often not succeeded. Many people went yesterday in the eve go home. When family onions are the children often boss.

Until Tokio Hotel came,Werchter Boutique Hotel was actually a big family party. On the vault remained remarkably calm. Logical, because there were never so much frigoboxen to monitor an area as yesterday in Werchter. Everything they had. Dozen juice and sandwiches with cheese we expected. But some people made a real luxarypicknick.

The Little ones, not having music, need not be boring. Where last week at Rock Werchter still danced was now a kids'. The Marquee was packed with bouncy castles, make up stands...

And yet Werchter Boutique was still a music festival. After the hysteria of Tokio Hotel was time for music. Mick Hucknall showed that he could come much more than Simply Red. Well done, but the whey looked tim. Crowded House proved that the group had actually compulsory costs on each Summer Festival. Neil Finn and his friends brought cheerful listening music where the kids came right again.

The evening was launched yesterday blown by James Blunt. He made sure with his emopope for the last teenageshouts. In their new Tokio Hotel-shirt they sang them while they fought against sleep. They wanted to go home, but mum and dad still wanted to continue. For Carlos Santana, who once again showed that he is one of the best guitarists in the world. And The Who. The finest Dutch group of all time was the perfect valve for a fine Belgian festival. It was a tight plan of Herman Schueremans to young and old together in a festival. And he has succeeded, with verve.
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Congratulations and Celebrations !!!!


Sunny ramblings :)

Hiya folks


Weather: nice and sunny


I know it’s my second post in one day already, but it’s been a month since I posted soo here I go


Some freaky things happened: p and it’s strange to write this down, cuz I know he might be reading this too *lol* Well two weeks ago I saw some one added me on LJ, someone I never heard of before, weird :s Soo I checked out the profile and saw it was a guy from Australia who happened to have exactly the same birthday as I goddamnit :D And later on, while chatting with him I discovered we have some common interests and characteristics. I dunno why but somehow I think we’re separated soulmates, hoping to be reunited one day, or maybe im just as crazy as a coconut, nevermind *Lol*


My dad got me a pressie, a DVD !!! Now you’re all curious huh, but im not gonna give it away like that. It’s an EW movie from 1994, the second word of the title has the begin letter of my first name ;p

Saw it this week and really enjoyed it, it’s such a lovely, emotional, heart-warming story J

Young Elijah surely showed his upcoming talents there, and look were it brought him nowadays ;)


And im gonna try to apply for an administrative job in my own community, very close to were I live, actually 10 minutes by bike, maybe I’ll be lucky this time. Anyway, I’ll just wait and see huh.


Hope you’re all doing mighty fine outthere !




Miss Wispy



Congratulations :)

Hi there


First of all it’s time to celebrate a lovely lady.


Happy Birthday dear laeliacatt, have a wonderful time !


Next week I’m meeting up with a 22 year old Elijahfan, Rebecca (briansslacker slacky on a&f)

I’ve met her on A&F in September and we’ve stayed in contact by mail and chat.

The girl went to Bushey February last year and met Elijah on the set of Oxford Murders, lucky her!

For those who are interested in her lovely pictures, they can be seen here

Some of you might remember this beautiful one.
It was posted in the elijah_finds community back then ;)


Just as bellewood and my other wonderful UK friends I’m keeping my fingers double crossed for Oxford Murders to have a London premiere, after all a big part of the movie was filmed there.




Miss Wispy





Happy Hours :)



Weather: cold and rainy *bleh* :-/


I’m on a date again *yay and hurray* :D You probably all remember my last rendez vous, which turned out to be a big mistake, let’s hope this one will turn out to be quite the opposite. My prince charming is 27 years old, tall, dark haired, brown eyed, his sign is Aquarius and he has a remarquable writing skill. Tomorrow night we’re meeting in Leuven, we’re going to see “August Rush” which seems very suitable to me, it’s about an orphan boy August, who is blessed with incredible musical talents and is trying to find his biological parents again. Dearest melyanna, did you know JRM is one of the headies in that film. I ‘ve only seen him once, in Bend it Like Beckham, but I must admit he sure has something special, those irresistible Irish charms huh ;)


Talking about films, so it seems that OM is going to be released in the UK on 25/4 , right?

This means there’s a big chance on a première there and the fact that Belgium is probably one of the next countries where OM will be distributed. Oooh I can’t wait to see it and meet up with the Belgian /Dutch Lj ers and A&Fers *does a happy dance * :D


Other great news is that I received a pleasant note of good old Fnac. The DVD I ordered a few weeks ago was ready to be picked up. So this afternoon I wash in a rush and hopped on the bus. But I was home soon, now behold the proud owner of Benny and Joon. You know, they had only one single exemplar left on their computer *squee* lucky me :p And of course It didn’t took  a long time for me, to make myself cosy and actually watch the movie …





BTW Joon, was called Juniper which remind me of one of my favourite books of Monica Furlong.

And finally an actress who wasn’t cast for her strong feminine curves, but her strong personality *bravo* I like that, I’m a tall, twiggy girl myself and I’m pretty content with the little bit Mother Nature decided to give me. After all, they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder …


*hums a well known Proclaimers song* ;)


And to finish I’d like to share a picture of me, myself and I in our backgarden (may 2007)

It’s one of my personal favourites, there’s something dreamy about it and the green and the yellow colours match very well. Hope you like it J


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Giggly Greetz





Hi all


weather: rainy and windy


I just wanna say, because tomorrow’s the day

I know it’s a bit early, but not less nearly, so …




Have a most wonderful time, together with your friends and family!

And of course enjoy those ever tasty Easter eggs *yummy yum yum* :p


Btw, Wispy did a little happy dance this morning when she saw what movie they’re gonna play on TV, Sunday afternoon, Spy Kids 3D *double squee*After all, what would Easter be, without a sweet, familiar Lijah face around, huh ;p That “Guy” is gonna make my day *ooh yeah*



Smoochy Greetz







Peepz J


I was just wondering, does anyone of my Flist have an IMVU account ? I was not familiar with it until my attention was drawn to a pop up propaganda of the site. Soo I recently logged in there and already met some interesting people, Lotr and Elijah fans from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands *yay* :D It’s pretty cool you can chat in 3D and have your own choice in clothes, furniture and pets. There are loads of communities there, but I’m not sure if they have a specific Elijah centric one too. Of course I will never ever leave LJ, after all I’ve made such incredible friends here *Hobbity Hugs to You* I’m just broadening my horizons, that’s all, you know ;)


My home page:

Come visit me if you like, or if you are registered, just leave a message :)


Thumbs up for Tim Burton C

Saturday night I’ve been watching the well known horror musical Sweeney Todd and I must admit that wicked wispy really liked it :p a bit scary and gory sometimes yeah, but I loved the suspense, the gloomy gothic atmosphere and O_O *whow* Mister Johnny Depp eats my heart out, he did a great job as the demonic barber. Didn’t know the man had such singing skills, no big surprise after all huh ;)


Anyway, I hope you’re all doing mighty fine outthere!



Miss Wispy