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Chasing Chimeras

A dreamer's diary

Lizzy Wistaria
15 February 1987
I am a “Dreamer”,a free spirit, walking with my head in clouds, trying to keep my feet on the ground. I have a soft, sensitive, cautious character, I am social, friendly…still rather introvert.

I'm like a flower, that’s still blossoming, opening up, … slowly…reaching for the sun …still growing .. I like to be amongst people, to make connections, to feel understood, but I need to hide away in my own fantasy worlds, from time to time, for reality can be quite overwhelming and harsh…

There are times when I feel melancholic and moody, and keep lingering in past memories, afraid to let go.. feeling insecure about the future … not quite sure which path to follow …not quite ready to face it …

I cant live without MUSIC, its relaxing, yet breathtaking, it’s a rainbow of emotions, it carries me away … its amazing .. it’s freeing.
Mostly you will not hear me listening monotonous house/hiphop or commercial/cheap dance music. I love the more "alternative" and "indie"genres.
Have been discovering the wonderful Imogen Heap, and also became a big fan of Vampire Weekend and psychedelic rock band Tame Impala lately, I am truly enchanted :)

I love to watch MOVIES, especially to be ‘moved” by them intensely….Emotions, Fantasy, Drama, Thrills and Surprises are some keywords…Lately ive been watching many cultural and foreign flms, there are some many big screen jewels out there, just waiting to discover :) Recently I have become quite a fan of Deepa Mehta and Mira Nair, they make kind of controversial, touching, intense, yet beautiful and inspiring cinema. Overall I like NON!- commercial/ cheesy movies. A European favourite film of mine is "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" a modern fairytale, there's a dreamy surrealistic melancholy in it which leaves me speechless :)

There are some wicked inner demons i have to deal with and i know this will be a lifetime fight, but a challenging one for sure ;-).
I'm chaotic.. .forgetful...I need structure ..
I feel suffocated amongst huge crowds and cant
stand loud noisy places. Sometimes depression and moodyness lurk around the corner. Trying to deal with it best way possible; Im a daydreamer, daydreaming is not “just” a habit of me, it’s a way of life ;-) I cant deal well with unexpected "changes". I'm sensitive and get lost and overwhelmed easily...I'm a huge "escapist"... and i have mastered the art of "procrastinating".. lol :p I can have crazy and creative outbursts, filled with joy and laughter, and can be quite funny and humorous .. slightly unusual… but unique ..company :)

In my free time, I like to do some Photoshop, and i also enjoy reading about Astrology and Personology, i love to sing, its a great way to express yourself (for fun that is, not professionally :p) I *heart* animals and nature, and am especially fond of the big cat family, may they roam free :) The magical beauty and spirit of foreign countries fascinates me, one day id love to travel to India, Canada, or New Zealand .. It would be an experience of a lifetime … for sure ..

My features are feminine, but somehow slightly "androgyne", and that’s fine to me ! Short hair and small breasts are my trademark, it feels just great :D Too bad there are still quite a lot male “prejudgements” about the matter …Its nice to feel appreciated and be yourself, no strings attached ….:)

I care about the “interracial love” theme, like there are no limits in love; love crosses boarders .. and cultures can mix up and brighten up each others worlds :)